Welcome to the first course of the APV-Academy!

Welcome to the first course of the APV-Academy!

Stay updated with the APV-Academy: an online on-demand platform. The objective is to boost understanding in scientific research and practical knowledge about pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Their goal is to educate professionals about product development, manufacturing, analysis, quality assurance, distribution, and usage.

Goals of the first course “Pharmaceutical scientists’ fear of patients and why they are our partners for this very reason”

The problems of patients in dealing with their medications and the increase in medication-related problems are becoming increasingly apparent in pharmaceutical-clinical practice. This is due to the sharp increase in very old and multimorbid patients and the associated polypharmacy and complexity of the therapy to be carried out. In recent years, therefore, the consideration of the capabilities and needs of patients has increasingly become the focus of drug product development. Through regulatory reflection papers and guidelines, as well as research regarding patient-centered medicines, patients are now increasingly involved in all aspects of drug development and approval. Patients are taking on the role of data providers or advisors, thereby helping scientists develop a new product in a way that meets expectations for patient acceptance and usability of the drug product, and thus clinical endpoints and therapeutic benefit. Using case studies of patients as well as products, it will be shown why and how early patient involvement and patient-centered development makes a critical contribution to the therapeutic value of a drug.

Target group

The course is designed for all scientists involved in the research, development and manufacture of therapeutic proteins and vaccines, working in Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Industry or at suppliers of analytical equipment or at service companies contributing, e.g. to analytical characterization of therapeutic protein drug products.

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